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Buddha Coin is an oasis for self-exploration, mindful investing, spirituality, and connections. Welcoming you to immerse yourself in meditations, meme, music, and conversations. Buddha coin represents the fusion of ancient Buddhists and spiritual principals with new digital age blockchain technologies. Creating a new home for communities to flourish. In a Web3 world where time waits for no one, and things must move at light speed – Buddha hopes to foster a space where everyone is welcome to slow-down, and ‘chill homie’.



Launch Phase

  • Buddha Coin pre-sale: 39.02 SOL raised from 102 investors
  • Listed on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap
  • Strategic partnership with GOTBIT Hedge Fund
  • Initiating the “Lotus Lounge” (Ambassador Program).
  • Initiating the “Meditation Garden”
  • Initiating the “Moonphase Giveaways”

Solidifying Foundations

  • Listing on the first Tier 2/Tier 3 CEX (REDACTED)
  • Community growth: 1,000+ holders milestone
  • Partnerships/Sponsorships (Marketing agency, tech, other project)
  • Dapp developments
  • Buddha Coin airdrop to 8,888 meme/faith coin holders
  • 24/7 Music Channel: Meditation and Electronic Music across our social
  • “Meditation Garden”: Launching a dedicated X Account (Expanding to
    daily meditations)
  • Initiating the “Meditation Garden”
  • Initiating the “Moonphase Giveaways”

Expansion Phase

  • Launching the official Buddha Coin Merch Store (details to be
  • Strengthening Asian market presence through the expertise of
    marketing agencies
  • Partnerships/Sponsorships (Marketing agency, tech, other project)
  • Listing on second Tier 2 CEX (REDACTED)
  • Funding local charities based on community recommendations.
  • “Meditation Garden”: diversifying content around spirituality and
    mindfulness [Workshops, Expert Talks and Q&A Sessions]
  • First NFT series sponsored by Buddha Coin”

Buddha Month and Burn Event

  • Token Burns & Online Gatherings
  • Buddha Day Massive Giveaway
  • Dapp developments
  • Website Redesign
  • Listing on third Tier 1 CEX (REDACTED)
  • “Meditation Garden”: Building Dedicated Website

Appreciation and Giving Back

  • Launch of the official Buddha dNFT series : “Mystic Monks Voodoo Club”
  • Funding charity initiatives worldwide
  • Dapp developments
  • Listing on fourth Tier 1 CEX (REDACTED)
  • Meditation Garden”: Expansion onto mainstream social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram)

Nirvana and Cosmic Dreams

  • Building a elecrtronic music Festival (Inspired by Ozora, Burning man
    and other gatherings)
  • Becoming the official cryptocurrency used in real-life festivals.
  • Collaborating closely with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on a global
    charity initiative.
  • “Meditation Garden”: Virtual Reality and Metaverse Integration
  • Striving for inner peace and harmony among all individuals.


How to Buy 

1 Download Phantom Wallet

Download the Phantom Wallet app or your preferred wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store at no cost. If you’re using a desktop, obtain the Google Chrome extension by visiting

2 Send SOL to Phantom

Transfer funds to exchange and then into your Phantom Wallet via SOL Network

3 Swap SOL to USDC

Click Select a currency and enter this 0x into the search field copy contract address

4 Buy token

Set the desired slippage, click “buy,” and be prepared to adjust the slippage during times of market volatility if necessary.



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